Friday, December 7, 2012

The Twin Buzz | World News about Twins and Multiples - 9 month old Swimming Twins...WOW!

9 Month Old Twins Swim and Float like Super Stars!

Wow.  These twins are shattering all the expectations that most parents have for their nine month old.  Although they can't walk or talk yet and still need mom and dad to feed and bath them, they have mastered the skill of swimming the length of a 25 meter swimming pool.  Yes, 25 meters ya'll!
This has amazed their swim instructors as well as their parents.  Dad even sees the Olympics in their future.
To Ellie and William Trykush, well done little buggers and hope you continue to enjoy yourself in this pool we call life!  -From twins with tots 

The video of this is just amazing too...
photo source - The Mirror
To check out this fun, amazing video, go to The Stir at: