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Twins - The 411 on our lives
We'll take one square please!  YUM!

World’s Largest Bar of Chocolate:

A chocolate bar weighing a massive 4,410kg(9,722 lb) has been made in Armenia.

The super-sized sweet was made by Grand Candy to celebrate their 10th 
anniversary. It took 48 hours to mix the chocolate, five of which were spent 
roasting and grinding cocoa beans.

A "Smart" traffic light...Love it! 

We just thought this was a cool idea and wanted to share.  A "smart" red light...This sure would make missing that green light or actually heeding that yellow light a whole lot easier for us...
Check it out. (And it is "green")

Concept future – traffic light
Posted in Concept future, Green Technology, product design

A new concept project by korean design and development studio psychic factory,
‘droplet traffic light’ imagines a future where time spent waiting at red lights is not wasted away. The device is modeled on the standing style of traffic light. After turning red, the light swivels its LED displays to project...

concept  future -  traffic light 2
concept  future -  traffic light 3

To Read more about this cool new invention, go to

The Passion for Skiing will make you do Crazy things - Love this!

We love to ski.  Both of our crazy families hit the mountains each season to shoosh down the slopes and enjoy glorious outdoors in the winter time.  It is great exercise, so much fun for parents and kids alike and some of the best family time both of our families have ever shared.  You'd be amazed how much you can talk about or how many laughs you can have as a family on a 7 minute ski lift ride over and over throughout the day.  Just priceless stuff!!

We saw this picture on line today and just had to share it.  Talk about passion for the sport...or should we say sports since it combines skiing with horseback riding.  We just loved this image and wanted to share it with you.

photo by Othmar Seehauser

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