Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner time gets tough, how do you survive it?

My First experience doing a LIVECHAT with my Digital Mom friends, Audrey McClelland and Meg Handy
"Who's nervous? I'm wasn't nervous?" (Yeah right!) Lol
(*Click on the caption under the screenshot below to view Livechat Video.  Video will start soon after you like the FB page (you can unlike it after the view if you do not want to stay linked to that site.  And enjoy!)


I had such a blast last night working with two really fun, smart mommas for my first, ever "Live-chat" video sponsored by Facebook.com/ragusauce  and MomsTheWord on Dinner By Ragu (#momstheword). We really had so much fun and just cracked each other up (you should see us when the cameras are off..nut 1,2 and 3). We were "gettin' real" people.  And these 2 mom's are freakin' hysterical!  Plus I walked away from the chat with some cool ideas to consider regarding  how to make the process of dinner-making and dinner-eating more pleasant and a better experience for me and my whole family.  

Here is the chat video and chat information.  I hope you have fun watching us and getting some helpful advice.  I know I did.

LIVECHAT with Digital Mom, Audrey McClelland 8/8 is live on ustream
MomsTheWord ByRagu
Tune in for our LIVE chat with Digital Mom, Author and Founder of MomGenerations.com, Audrey McClelland on 8/8 from 8-9 pm EST/7-8 CST/5-6 PST We're hosting “When Dinner Time Gets Tough”, an online discussion about tackling various dinner dilemmas – from picky eaters to rushed schedules – you name it! To kick off the discussion, Audrey will host a live-streamed chat on the Ragú® Facebook page. Audrey will serve up some stress-free tips that have helped take her family’s dinner from “chaos” to “comfort”. Most of all, Audrey wants to chat about when dinner gets tough in YOUR household! Share your stories and questions using the "Check-in & Chat" button below. Audrey will address your comments during the LIVE chat.
The chat can also be found at ustreeam at http://www.ustream.tv/ragusauce#utm_campaign=unknown&utm_source=7241313&utm_medium=social

And I have to admit that the "live-chat" aspect of the show was a little daunting at first since I had never done anything on video live before AND in front of lots-oh-people and you really would prefer not to sound like a total goofball. But even though we knew  that people were watching us, the whole experience felt really authentic and honest...like a true "coffee talk time with friends..(or should I say cawfee talk.  This is RI ya' know).

The whole thing felt so fun, so authentic and was such a cool way to reach out to other mom's in order to help each of us survive the chaos that is dinnertime.

Hope you enjoy the video. I hope you laugh, cry and it becomes a part of you...Oh wait, no that's Terms of Endearment...Anyway.  I guess I can just hope you laugh!



  1. Looks sort of cool - love the ragu! What a darling site you have! Glad I stumbled over here :) And now I'm your latest follower - hope you can stop by my place and return the favor.

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  3. Thanks so much for visiting - I am super glad you liked that recipe, trust me it is super yummy! And I am *still* munching on it at lunch each day! LOL I think it will be a bit before I make it again - any food for 4 days will make you want a little bit of a break.

    And what exciting stuff in regards to the Live Chat. It looks like it will be a great watch for me tomorrow! :-)

  4. thanks Melanie - it was really fun

  5. Love this video Cathy. I no longer feel like I am alone in the fight to get the kids to eat at the dinner table!!! So difficult to balance good eating habits, good manners, and having a mealtime that is enjoyable for everyone.
    Thanks for the insight and ideas.

  6. You were so good! Just a natural in front of the camera. I love how the three of you interacted!!! I hope you can all do it again for something else. Very entertaining for sure!!! It's the "New View" people!!! Good work Cathy! Proud of you!

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