Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twins | From the Archives: Do you believe twins have ESP and Telepathy: Is it real?

 Not sure how much we believe in the whole Twin ESP (aka Extra Sensory Perception) or Telepathy thing but there is no doubt that there are times when as twin sisters, we have connections that seem to be "out there" experiences that involved no sharing of our physical senses in order to be made aware of something or to experience something between us.

Telepathy is defined on Wiki as the transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects through
the Psi aka the Psyche, mind, or soul.

ESP is defined as the reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

And although we wonder if these are really real, we do sometimes have strange experiences that make us go "Hmm".  For example, today Cathy found herself rubbing and rubbing her back, left shoulder.  It has always bothered her since she had surgery on it about 15 years ago in order to have a fatty tumor removed (Yup, sounds gross but that's what the MD's called it and hell if they can remove some of the fat from our body in ANY form, even tumor form, we say more power to them).  This spot has been bothering Cathy more than usual over the last few months.  She did not think much about why, especially since the spot did not seemed to have changed in any way.  But today, she was complaining to her husband about the deep ache she keeps getting.  She was telling him and showing him where it hurts and he asked why she thought it was bothering her again since she said the spot did not seem to have any growth or change in it.  This is when she found herself telling him how she didn't know for sure why it hurt but did think it was awfully weird and coincidental that Becca just had a Fatty Tumor (or TOOMMAAAA as Cathy always likes to say , like Arnold Schwarzenegger said the word tumor in the move Twins) on her back a few months ago that she needed to have removed (yes, a coincidence in itself that we both had one of these weird our backs...on mirroring sides...and no other siblings got them) and that her back seems to have been aching since just after Becca's surgery.  Cathy caught herself then telling her husband that she knew that just thinking that this out-of-the-ordinary type connection was the real cause of her discomfort was wacky but she just couldn't help it.  That Twin connection thing just seems too uncanny sometimes.

Now the scientist/critical thinker side of us totally knows that this ache could be due to Cathy working out with her neighbor regularly over the last few weeks or the fact that she has been working on a website for work and therefore has been hunched over more at her computer desk...but ya' gotta admit that the coincidence is, as us Rhode
Islanders would say, Way Wicked Weird!

There have been many other times in our lives when we have had experiences that seemed like strange coincidences.  And although we can usually identify other reasons why what happened may have actual happened, being twins still makes us think twice about the scenarios.  We get a kick out of the possibility that our Twin connection is so significant that we could maybe, just possibly, have an ESP/Telepathy-like ability.

So, what are your thoughts on Twin ESP/Telepathy or out of the ordinary connections?  Have you experienced anything like this as a twin, sibling of a twin or have you seen it between your own twins/multiples?
Would love to hear your stories/experiences.

Sending Warm ESP vibes your way -

Cathy and Becca

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  1. Cathy FJ wrote: "I remember asking Becca about the twin connection a long , long time ago--she shared the story of how she knew Cathy was hurt (a boating accident), and she needed to get to the hospital where Cathy was. There was no way physical Becca could have known Cath was injured (you were both several miles away from each other). But, Becca knew and she had to get to Cathy. Love you two!"