Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bebe Baby Bottle Sling Holder

Ever felt like you needed to be an octopus in order to meet all the needs of your children at any one time.  I know I sure have.  One child wants your attention to play a game, and the baby wants to eat.  Or your double-trouble twins want to eat right at the same time but you only have 1 set of hands to make the feeding process happen.
Well, here is a product that can make any busy mom or dad's life a little bit easier! The Bebe baby Sling Bottle Holder.
This bottle holder is too cool.  And is useful with singletons whose mom or dad simply need to use both hands for other activities at feeding time, or can also be an amazing option for parents of multiples who may need to feed their little "double darlin's" at the same time and who are not the super octopus parents we all would love to be.  

The Bebe holder is easy to attach to any baby car seat and works with both straight handles as well as Z-shaped handles.  The bottle is held in the correct angle to make sure the flow of the milk/formula is proper so that baby does not get stomach issues/gas...  The holder also works with any bottle style.  

Other great aspects to this bottle holder are...
  • it's compact - perfect for diaper bags
  • teaches babies how to hold the bottle
  • returns to position for active infants
  • promotes hand-eye coordination
  • entertains the baby and can hold toys
  • best of all - it is simple and easy to use!
Other additional info. from the Bebe bottle Sling website...

This Holder Allows for Hands Free Bottle Feeding
-Other baby bottle holders or hands free baby bottles can't compare to the bottle sling.  Have you ever needed an extra hand bottle feeding your baby (or babies if you have twins, triplets, or multiples) but became frustrated propping the baby bottle with pillows or toys that never stayed in position?  The BeBe Bottle Sling is designed to hang from any infant car seat handle while holding the bottle at the correct position for hands free bottle feeding.  
The BeBe Bottle Sling encourages babies to play with the 
bottle and as a result they learn how to take the nipple in 
and out of their mouth whenever they want.  With this unique 
baby product, even very small infants can manipulate the 
baby bottle, hands free with just a small turn of their head.  
Its unique suspended design allows the baby to practice 
holding the bottle but it always returns to position in front of 
the baby's mouth when they let go. 
Parents of twins and triplets say that these baby bottle 
holders are a lifesaver and are essential to bottle feeding 
multiples at the same time to reduce stress for the parent 
and the babies. 
The BeBe Bottle Sling makes the perfect gift for moms 
of multiples or singletons.  Guaranteed to be the most 
useful and unique product at the baby shower. 

In the end, I say this baby Sling gets my "this Product Rocks" review because...
* it holds the bottle for baby while also teaching baby how to hold it themselves, giving mom and dad the ability to be handsfree at feeding times.
* it holds the bottle at the correct angle for optimal stomach protection (no air = no gas issues).
*  it is perfect for Twins/Triplets since it allows mom/dad to feed babies at the same time.
* It has adorable design options (monkeys, flowers, cats, dogs...) that catch baby's eye and is great at entertaining your little one.
*  the holder adjusts to fit all bottle sizes and styles so that you can continue to use the bottles you already own.
*  the holder fits on all baby car seat styles so that you can continue to use the car seat you already own.
*  it simply makes life for mom and dad easier...NOW THAT DEFINITELY ROCKS!!!!!!!

(*The Bebe bottle sling is NOT recommended for use in a moving vehicleAdult supervision REQUIRED)


  1. Very interesting! Never heard of this

  2. I had to pump for my first baby and it would have been amazing to be able to feed and pump at the same time. Even if I was still holding the bottle, it would have been great to have some extra support in the event I needed to readjust baby, myself, or the pump! Neat!

  3. wish all these blogs were around 10 yrs ago when I had my daughter!
    new folower!

  4. Now THAT is cool! New follower; Thanks for linking up to RTmeTues!

  5. That is such a cool idea!!! I am going to be ordering one of these TODAY!!!! You rock for posting this because my best ideas for raising my own twins have come from great blogs like yours!! Thanks for stopping by The Organic Blonde. Glad to have had you find me because it meant I found you!

  6. I'm not a fan of products like this. I mean, I know most parents are responsible, but I think some would just take advantage and not supervise, which really worries me.

  7. @Jen - I agree that some will take advantage but the need for this, especially for those parents with multiples, is great since they simply do not have the hands to do the work all at once. I think any product is unsafe if not used properly...ie a small child omn a trike unattended or a baby put in a swing that is too large for them, or all the car seats in our world that are installed improperly. I try to choose products based on usefulness for all but esp. for parents of multiples and this sling is useful for them for sure. Having only had singletons, I can't imagine the frustration parents must feel when they can't baby's needs met. And I think meeting those needs is also important for baby and mom. Thanks for the thoughtful comment though and have a great day!

  8. First time seeing this. It is a neat invention. I know after having my second daughter who will be one soon, we mastered the art of propping it up with something while we took care of the oldest one who will be five soon or do something else quick. This would of came in handier during these times.

  9. Interesting, but it seems sort of...IDK, hands-off? if you only have one child. I could see how it would be great for multiples, or if you had a younger baby and a toddler. I BF'd, so I got good at walking and BFing. :D

    I suppose it's great if used correctly :)

    Thanks for the visit
    Full Cart Full Wallet

  10. haha I have to say that is pretty handy. But I hope everyone realizes that slowing down and holding your baby while feeding is a great bonding experience that is over way to quickly. Great in a bind though. Thanks for stopping by my site- I love your blog. I will be back.