Saturday, September 24, 2011

Really? A menopause discussion with my gal-pals? Already? Really?

I swear to Pete, every time I have tried to get on Blogger the last day or so, it has been down.  I was starting to think we would never be able to post again.  Lovely Word press, I think you may be in my future.

Via Cathy:

So today I actually had a conversation about menopause with one of my best friends and her school-mom friend.  I couldn't believe we were actually going "there".  I have noticed some craziness going on in my monthly cycle but menopause?...or I can refer to it by it's medical term...Peri-menopause?  One of the women I was talking to has even been having cold-sweats at night...She's younger than me.  This freaked me out a little.  I know that there is a lot of variability with when women go through menopause but the idea that it could potentially be just around the corner is So-Not-A-Cool possibility.  I mean, I just turned 40 and I figured I had years ahead of me before the "New" crazies start (I already have "old" crazies from my regular monthly cycle...just ask my hubby!)

I do have to admit to a few things I that have noticed recently that I may have to attribute to this whole Peri-menopause thing...

1. I have a mole on my cheek.  It looks more like a freckle since it is small and flat but none-the-less, it is a mole.  Well, I have noticed a small hair growing out of that mole every once and awhile....EEEWWWWW  is right.  Totally skeeves me out and the second I see it, not matter where I am, a grocery store, the kids dance class, work, a friends beach club...I MUST pluck it immediately.  I have become very adept at giving it the old "one-two"-pull and showing that sucker who's boss...But still-EEEWWWW!

2. I MUST use deodorant EVERY day.  I ran out the other day and then kept forgetting to buy more.  I used my daughter's for a few days which is just a antiperspirant and not a deodorizing brand.  Well, after a nice vigorous walk with a friend, I couldn't even stand being near myself especially down-wind, let alone forcing others to be in the same vicinity as me (sorry Michelle LOL)  This was never an issue for me before and it is making me crazy.  I feel like the lady in that deodorant commercial.  The one were she is dancing at a club and swings her arms up into an oh-so-groovy dance move in order to "subtly" get a quick "sniff" in order to make sure she is not too "ripe".  When did I become "that" woman.  Ugh AND EEWWWWW!

3.  My cycle is definitely off.  I have always been as regular as the daily opening of the local bank, but lately it has all "gone-to-pot".  I don't like not knowing exactly when my mood is gonna go "loco" or when my monthly friend is gonna "rock-my-world".  This is one thing that I always appreciated being predictable in my life.  Especially since so much else in my life is Not predictable.  Mother Nature is messin' with me and THAT Biatch better "step-off" -Pronto!

4.  The fact that my friends even talk about menopause now is a sign that it is clearly starting to enter my world.  As I stated earlier, this freaks me out but at least I am not alone in this unpredictable, unpleasant experience.  It's like we are all on the Titanic and inevitably we will all be "going down with the ship" together.  Blub Blub Blub!

I know that I should accept this whole part of life with grace like I tried to with the experience of child birth.  I told myself when I was having my kiddies that in the end all would be okay and that thousands of years had shown that most women do just fine going through the labor process and that the chances of me being fine were great so I should just suck it up, and accept what pregnancy and labor "brought".   I was accepting of that process and experience and I should probably do the same with menopause.  I just have a feeling that I may go into this whole life-stage kicking and screaming.  I mean come on, I had to get a Period as a little kid (hated it) and I had to then spend my younger adult life preventing pregnancy before we wanted to had kids, to then have to be the one to carry 3 pregnancy's to term and give birth to all three of those little buggers.  I just think it should be time now for me and this fab. body of mine to get a break.  Mother Nature likes to mess with us women and I simply DO NOT appreciate it.

So I think I may just fight this "change" simply because I think I have the right to do so.  I know for a fact that I have earned a little bitchin' and moanin' at this stage in my life, which I believe should be met with kindness, support and sympathy from those around me.  So be warned dear family of mine.  I am not going down without a fight, which means you better go buy yourselves some boxing gloves.

Are you with me ladies?...I know what I 'm gonna do today.  I am going to get myself some pink boxing gloves and I may even Bejewel them a bit.  It's gonna be a fight, and a Pretty fight  it will be.


  1. I didn't notice Amy mole on your face, and menopause or not I still love you kiddo!

  2. This post cracked me up.
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  3. Wow! If those are signs I've been going through them for over 5 years now!!! Oh boy!!!

  4. And totally stumbling this awesome post!!!

  5. Hahaha! Great post! :D

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  6. haha love it -- i just had that same convo like a week ago with some galpals & it threw me for a mega-loop too!
    but i feel like i coulda written this post -- wow!
    the seven menopausal dwarfs is LOL funny!

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