Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The new "IT" necklace: Scrabble-Piece Charms for Moms of Multiples and More from Etsy!

We have seen some pretty fashionable ladies lately sporting these fun Scrabble-Piece Charm Necklaces.  One of my neighbors has one and I just love how fun, unique and modern it is.  Plus the whole up-cycling, re-use idea is way-cool!  These creators use the non-letter side to display all different kinds of images and sayings although the charm can be worn with either side facing up.  They are a great size for any neck and they can be worn on chains, ribbons, and cords.  They look so chic, whimsical and unique.  Check out some of the fun ones we found recently on for moms and dads of multiples.  Plus we have included some other artsy, fun styles for you to check out.  There are so many unique ideas to choose from.  Take a look.  WE JUST LOVE THESE and will be getting some ourselves "For-Shizzle"!  

Note that some of the pieces we added here for viewing are not actual Scrabble pieces but they share the same style design and look.  We loved their "feel" too and thought they were nice options to share as well.


Some of the Etsy shops I found these charms in:

BellyCharms -

macymo -


  1. Wow! I didn't know all of these charms were around. Adorable!

  2. I love these! Boy do I hope that I have a need for one of those adorable twin charms! How cute!

  3. @Melissa - me either. I got such a kick outta some of them
    @Maria - I hope u get your wish. Twins r the best...of course I am one so thats just sayin' LOL