Monday, October 31, 2011

Twins and Halloween: Do you always dress them alike?

Twins and Halloween - 

We often wonder on Halloween each year how Twins throughout our Country experience Halloween.  
Our experience on Halloween was that we were rarely dressed in a matching or "Duo- type" costume.  We usually had very different ideas of what we wanted to be when we were old enough to decide what we wanted to be.  Plus our family did not have a lot of extra money back then to spend on costumes so our outfits were often handmade or hand-me-downs from our older sister and brother.  The hand-me-downs were often our costumes-of-choice since they tended to be store bought and we considered that way cooler than handmade get-ups.  The outfits were often gender driven characters too since we had a brother and a sister so one of us inevitably would end up something like a girlish butterfly, a princess or a ladybug and the other one of us would end up dressed as a more boyish skeleton, super-hero or baseball player.  
We never really worried about the hand-me-down status either.  Plus, the choice of what costume we would wear seemed so unimportant to us then since all we had on our minds was the "candy at the end of the tunnel".
We loved Halloween and can't actually remember ever being dressed alike.  Which in retrospect seems a little strange but that was just our reality as the 3rd and 4th kiddos in a middle-class family.

How do you celebrate Halloween with your Twinkies? Do you always dress them alike or as a "duo/combo" of some kind?
Or do you switch it up and create unique looks for each child?
Or do you do the "dress-alike" or "different-thing" until they can decide for themselves?
We'd love to hear how you decide what fun or crazy, fancy or scary costumes your twins wear each year.

Cathy and Becca

Astronaut Wanna-Be's way back in the day.


  1. My boy/girl twins are 2.5 this year and so far I have tried to "match" them up a bit! First halloween they were little animals, last year they were garden gnomes and this year they will be Peter Pan and TinkerBell!! I have a feeling this is the last year I can get away with dressing them how I like! Next year I'm sure they will have their own ideas on what they want to be!! I love being able to dress them as duo's!! Side note, my oldest always gets involved! She was a zoo keeper to the animals, a butterfly for the gnome garden and this year sticking with Disney theme she will be Ariel!! Happy Halloween!

  2. So cute! I dressed both my kids up today the same,lol.

  3. I have boy/girl twins and I try to cordinate them. The first year they were cows. Last year he was a garden gnome and she was a fairy. This year they are Poppa Smurf and Smurfette. I never coordinate them any other time so I take advantage of it now. I hope I can still do the 'duo' thing next year.

  4. Mine are three (both girls). The first year, they wore identical costumes - they were babies, and didn't care. :) The next year, we were a family of pirates. Last year, one was a kangaroo and the other a koala (so at least we had an Australian theme), and this year, they were both princesses, but very different ones... one was Marie Antoinette, and the other was a renaissance princess. We LOVE Halloween, so we always coordinate as a family. As they get older, I'm assuming they will become too cool for this, and will choose very different costumes. For now, they think it is awesome to dress like Mommy and Daddy. :)

  5. @crisisinprocess Love the gnomes idea...might have to steal that one! :)
    @melissa Where they smurfs?
    @mrs g Love that you take advantage of the one time u see fit to match them up. Hey and as long as there are no complains...match on LOL
    @johanna Love the Australian theme and u never know, they may want u to coordinate for even longer than perhaps u want to. Enjoy it!

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