Friday, October 21, 2011

Twins: Do we share the same sayings and accents?

The Accent/Saying Test...

We took an accent test today to see if we say words the same or refer to things in our worlds the same.  I saw this test on line and they were comparing people from around the US and how their accents differ.  It made me think it would be fun to compare our accents to see if we shared the same way of saying things since we are twins and grew up in the same household and environment.

I shot a video of myself 1st and then videoed Becca doing the same thing over Skype.  She had no clue what I was doing and thinks I am totally insane but it was fun to watch her and all the annoyance I was causing...BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here are the videos...



I think when you line up the videos as best you can while we are talking, we sound a whole lot alike and say most of the words exactly the same.  I saw a little difference in the way we said the words theatre and New Orleans.  Plus I called the toilet-papering game TP'ing while she called it toilet-papering.  But other than that I did not hear much difference...

What do you think? Any differences that jumped out at you?
What did you expect would happen?
Please share your thoughts with us...we love your input and feedback!

Thanks all ~
Cathy and Becca


  1. You sound just the same:)

    That would be funny if someone did that with someone from the North of my homecountry (Portugal) and someone in the South, ahahaha, we'd laugh a lot!

    Following back:)


  2. Hi Cathy! How funny! You look like you have a lot of fun :-) Thanks for following my blogs! I'm following back via GFC, and I'm looking forward to more of your posts!

  3. Thanks for the follow; I'm already following you via GFC!

  4. I did this a few months back! Here's the link to my vid:


  5. UGH! Don't look at that link. Look at this one instead. I forgot that YouTube was having issues that day and the audio/video is not synced.

  6. so funny! You sound exactly the same!

  7. hahah o my! this must've been fun! you guys really sounds alike! :)
    thanks for stopping by btw, following you back now! :)

  8. Thanks for stoppin by and following my blog! I am now following you back.

  9. I think you two sounded pretty much the same.
    I'm from the south so of course, say a few of those words totally different than you lol. Also, down here when someone throws toilet paper on a house or trees it's called "rolling" lol.

  10. This was fun! You guys sound a lot alike. What a great test. I hope you do something like this again.