Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amazon book library -Twins and Multiples: Guides and Informational Resources

Well this sure isn't the "library" my mother had access to when she had my sister and 
me forty years ago. She did not even know she was having twins until they held us up 
to her in the O.R., let alone knowing of any reading guides and resources that could 
help her and our dad through the process of caring for us and raising us.  And there 
weren't many available back in the "old days" :):):)
We are beyond lucky in this day-and-age to have so many resources and help-books 
to get through the different stages of parenting multiples. 
We hope one of these reads will be of help to you and your family if you have, or are 
having twins or multiples or maybe one of these books will be a great gift for someone 
you know who is having more than one little babe at a time.
Also, let us know of any other resources that you used, just could not have lived without 
and would love to suggested to others.

Product Details
  Understanding Multiples by Editors of Twins Magazine (Jun 1993)

Product Details
  by Lynn Lorenz and Shelley Dieterichs (Jul 1, 2007)

Product Details
by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada and Mary C. Hurlburt (Feb 1, 2001)

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