Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can I have some Pork Chooooops with that Apple Sauuuuuce? (said like Peter Brady)

So we lucked out recently and got sent some Mott's Apple Sauce and Juices for trying out.  They are the same great-for-you Mott's treats that our family has always loved but these newer-to-the market Mott's Medley Apple Sauces have delicious new flavors that my kids loved like Peaches and Apples and Cherry-Berries and Apples.  Plus the squeeze pouch packaging on the to-go medleys were way convenient for school lunches since there is no mess with the twist-able on and off cap.  And this sure is nice for me when I have to open up those lunch boxes at the end of the day.  No mess = happy mama 'cause man oh man can that be nasty if the food packaging is not kid-friendly.
I love too that these apple sauces and drinks are full of much needed fruit and vegetable, daily servings for the kids.  Especially since my 3 year old is a non-veggie eater...gotta sneak 'um in some how. And the rockin' good taste certainly helps get the good-for-you stuff down the "old-hatch". 

So Thanks Mott's for sharing your delicious new treats with me and the kiddies...  And these videos sure speak for themselves. (Oh and excuse the Whale Puke discussion 11 year old is obsessed with the topic and checks that all packaged food does NOT have Whale Puke in it...Ahhh the tween years.)


  1. Oh my god Cathy -- Mia drinking coffee!!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Nice - double thumbs up! I love Mott's apple sauce. I think I'd love the peaches and apples!