Friday, December 30, 2011

365 days of Twinipedia - Day 12

Day Twelve of Twinipedia: 

Fact #12
Twins do not have to be born on the same dates. The longest gap between birth is 85 days.

Cases of longer distances between birth dates tend to come when one baby is born prematurely due to complications, while the other is left in the womb to develop further.

Additional fun facts from the informative Twin site

twins born 63 days apart
Darren & Kim Rugg were born 63
days apart!  One twin was born very prematurely
at only 25 weeks gestation, and the other’s labor was able to be
stopped, for an additional 63 days, which is rare, but possible.

"...Can twins have different birthdays?  OF COURSE, especially if it’s close to midnight, on the day your twins are born, however, it’s possible to have twins born even days or weeks apart, especially, and most commonly, in the cases of pre-term labor, where the mother’s labor is halted, after the birth of the first twin.
 Also, they can be born in different years…NO, not years apart really, but if it’s New year’s eve, then giving birth to two babies in two different years, is a definite possibility.  One set of twins, Aaron and Luke Hegenberger, were born only 8 minutes apart, but were born in two different millenniums, back on New Year’s eve, then New Years day, the second twin came, making these twins born in different millenniums. How cool?..."

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