Monday, December 19, 2011

365 Days of Twinipedia

Day One of  Twinipedia:

So we have decided to take on a new venture here at TwinswithTots.

We will be sharing interesting facts, videos and information about Twins each day for the next 365 days...Yes, that is right, over 1 year.  And we are calling it 365 Days of Twinipedia...Ya' know like Wikipedia, since this collection of posts will eventually practically be like a go-to encyclopedia about twins after a full year of sharing.

We hope to find some really cool facts to share with you and our goal is not to miss a single day for the whole year...(Barring a natural disaster or something horrendous like that.)

So, here we go...Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!

Fact #1:
In this day and age, when fertility treatment is so much more common among couples who are trying to conceive a child, it is surprising to read that 56% of all twin births are spontaneous, meaning the couple did not use fertility drugs.  

My Great Source of Info. 


  1. Very interesting! Can't wait to follow your Twinipedia!!!

  2. Oh, this sounds so interesting. PS- I just sent my friend to your blog. SHe just found out she is having twins!!

  3. That's a really interesting fact. My SIL is a twin, so I'm excited to read all the info you have to share!