Monday, December 12, 2011

Great online game site for little kids (and Video of cutest 3 year old ever) has such a great website.  The games and activities are all about having fun and interacting with all the cute, funny PBS characters.  All my girls have loved this website and my 3 year old is now totally enthralled by it. 

(See video) She loves the Curious George counting game called Meatball Launchers.  She has to make George shoot meatballs from a meatball launching machine.  But she also has to count as she plays in order to "fill the meatball order" correctly for the restaurant customer.  Then once she gets to the right amount, she has to ring a bell 'cause the "order is up".  
She really caught on fast as to how to play this game.  She also learned a lot about counting as well as about controlling the computer mouse's movements.  She became totally animated while playing and she was so excited every time she counted correctly.  She cracked herself up too whenever she got an answer wrong (love how she covers her mouth whenever she is gonna smile big.  Too cute.)  

I like that these online PBS games are so encouraging and "cheer the child on" while they play but I also love that they let the child get things wrong too.  They learn from these success/fail experiences.  They realize as they play that it is better to try and get something wrong than to not try at all 'cause the next time they try, they just might have learned how to succeed and get the correct answer.  Love it!

These games are easy to use, well created, teach many different pre-school and early-education skills (shapes, colors, counting, number and letter recognition, patterning...) and are a whole lot of fun.  

Have your little ones check this site out.  They will love how fun it is and you will love how much they learn.

To get to George's Meatball Launching game, go to:

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