Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our beautiful daughters! "I hope you Dance" - Always!

We were never allowed or encouraged to dance as kids. Our dad wanted us to play what he considered "real" sports: gymnastics, swim, soccer...
As we got older, we had more opportunities to "shake what our mama gave us" at school dances, weddings...and we came to realize that we both LOVED to dance.  Cathy drove her college friends crazy, dragging them to all the cool dance spots in Syracuse, NY and Becca did the same down on the Southern Shores of R.I.
Now, all of our girls dance.  Here in Rhode Island, Abby, Ailey and Mia dance at To the Pointe of Performing Arts and in Germany, Amelie and Cecilia rock the local dance "Haus" (LOL).  They love all styles of dance; tap, lyrical, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and they have so much fun telling beautiful stories through their music.  
This year, Cathy's older two girls performed again in their studios yearly Christmas Recital.  They have become incredibly skilled dancers and consummate performers.  They are always showing off with their exaggerated, fun facial expressions and they always perform as they have been taught, with cheesy "performer" grins spread from ear to ear.  That is unless they are given the "be somber" talk for the more serious pieces. 
It has been amazing to watch them grow over the years as dancers.  And they love to dance as much as their mommy's do.  We hope they always love the free-spirited feeling dance can give you and we cross our fingers that they will ALWAYS DANCE!

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