Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Do you do New Years Resolutions?

We do.  We take it as an opportunity to reassess how life is going.  And now that we are moms, that self-assessing does not happen much anymore since there are so many other needs to be met throughout our days.

Health is important to us so making sure we are on track in that area and prioritizing taking care of ourselves is always something we consider important to do at the beginning of each new year.  We have always been decent eaters when it comes to the food choices that we make but we are lovers of food too so quantity plus quality are going to need to be themes we focus on this year.

Giving back to others is part of who we both are too.  We make sure to recognize what is important to us at the beginning of a new year and assess where needs fall in our communities. Then we try to reach out and help in those areas throughout the year.

Having a twin is helpful for us when it comes to setting New Years Resolutions.  We are good at reflecting back to each other what we know is important in our lives and how to prioritize those things.  Plus, we can be totally honest with each other and help each other work on bettering ourselves throughout the year ahead.  We set Real and realistic goals to work on.

In the end, it is all about being the person we hope to be in that coming year and being there for each other while we become that person!

Happy New Year to you all and we hope it is a happy, healthy 2012!!!!

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