Sunday, December 18, 2011

Original Twins T-Shirts: See You later Alligator! After A While Crocodile!

See You later Alligator!  After awhile Crocodile!


Alligator & Crocodile

What a fun way to use the Saying See you later Alligator for Twins.  Your twins will crack up all the ladies at the grocery store, all the babysitters at the local gym and all the teachers at the daycare center.  And what a hit they will be in these T's at all the family parties.  So get the laughs started today by ordering your little ones a pair of these T's from Trends in Twos.

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See you later alligator!  After a while crocodile!  Everyone has used these phrases at one time or another to say their goodbyes and who better than twins?  Silly alligator and crocodile have subtle differences and are facing different directions.  Perfect for any gender of twins.  Get these prints on infant, toddler, or youth sizes.  Sold separately.

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* Order Separately For Proper Sizing & Print For Each Twin

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