Monday, December 12, 2011

Yes, My husband makes snow...REAL SNOW! (VIDEO)

Yes - My husband makes snow.  And yes, it is honest-to-goodness, REAL snow.  He has been making it for years.  It is one of his many obsessions (others include maple syrup making, our wood stove, fighting Pancreatic Cancer, sailing, skiing and Cannon Mountain,  edible plants and his family)

We just love love love that we have snow every year for Christmas.  Well, that is as long as the weather cooperates since it needs to be pretty darn cold for the machine to make snow.  But as I always say, it is the BEST Christmas decoration of all.  

We have a sledding party every year and invite all the friends over for some good food, good cheer and great sledding fun.  My kids have even named the hill that my husband cut out of the woods behind our house.  It is called Brook Hill (we have a brook running through our yard - cute, right?) and they categorized it as a black diamond skill level and even put a sign up with the name and a black diamond on it :):):)  LOL!  They are funny little buggers and just adore their dad and his snow machine.  

Here is a great early morning shot of the Machine blasting out the white stuff a couple mornings ago.  He made more last night too so our yard has pretty good coverage right now.  

Tell me we don't have the luckiest kids in the world? - LOL!


This Video was Shot last winter in our back yard as my husband filled the yard with the white stuff!  

Here is a link too to my husband's Great Blog site Wackydad.  You can check out even more video and pictures of his snow making there:

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous that you have a white Christmas. Does he want to come to my house too?