Monday, January 9, 2012

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Book Review By MamaLuvsBooks:  I just finished reading "The No-Cry Potty Training Solution" by, Elizabeth Pantley. It is a fantastic book with many ideas and solutions for parents starting potty training or have been having problems with potty training. It came at the perfect time for me to read as my 4-year old son has been regressing with his potty training lately. There were great ideas of "What to do!" and "What NOT to do!" It's very hard after you think things are finally going well and then they go backwards. It was nice to hear from the author that it's not only me that this happens to others! She also has some great ideas and puts things into perspective.
1.  The book has a readiness quiz for parents! 2.  The book lists ideas for pre-potty training. 3.  The book gives you facts about potty training with listed solutions about problems in a nice organized grid. 4.  The book describes the "Two Magic Factors" when dealing with potty training: The Teacher's Attitude and the Teacher's Level of Patience. 5.  Includes a "Menu of Potty Training Ideas" to look through! 6.  The book has tricks and tips for dealing with potty training at home and outside of the house! 7.  It includes a section on dealing with bed-wetting, and it has a great questions and answers section at the back of the book!
You can get a copy as well. It's a must have for any parent who is dealing with potty training for the first time, or even for the fifth time! SO MANY great ideas and solutions for kids dealing with potty training at any age/stage. 
Here's how to get a copy: 1.  WIN this awesome book in my Book Bonanza giveaway! The author, Elizabeth Pantley, will send you a signed copy of this book, or of ANY other of her "No-Cry Solution" Parenting Books (Winner's Choice). The more you do on the Rafflecopter the more chances you will have to win! A few entries are mandatory, as our author and wonderful blog sponsor's have put this package together for you! There are some bonus entries as well. Good Luck!!! Don't forget you can also purchase these wonderful books on Elizabeth Pantley's site, or
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