Friday, January 13, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 26

Day Twenty-Six of Twinipedia: 

Fact #26
Becca, my lovely, super-knowledgeable midwife twin-sis and mom extraordinaire is the queen of pregnancy information.  She was my go-to for all my pregnancy and post-pregnancy questions.  She was an amazing, kind, supportive, honest irreplaceable resource for me.  And she is also a wealth of knowledge about how to eat and stay healthy while expecting.  

One thing she always stressed to me during the early phases of my pregnancies was to take Folic Acid every day.  She reminded me that this supplement was important to take throughout the whole pregnancy but that it was especially important to take in the first trimester so that I could do my best to avoid different types of birth defects and to specifically try to avoid Neuro-tube defects like Spina-Bifida in the baby.  

One thing I did not know though through mine or Becca's pregnancies was that if we had been carrying multiples, we would have had to take extra Folic Acid each day.  When there are two babies in you, doctors recommend you take almost twice the amount of Folic Acid as a woman carrying only one baby.  The recommended amount for Folic Acid intake per day for a singleton pregnancy is .6mg while the recommended amount of Folic Acid intake per day for a multiples pregnancy is 1.0mgs.

So my lovely Becca, the best twin sissy and mid-wife in the world says to take your Folic Acid Supps each day mamas-to-be and if you are expecting multiples, we say to talk to your Obstetrician about how much Folic Acid s/he recommends for you to take each day.  And good luck.

*****And as a side note, I hope you are enjoy these daily Twinipedia facts as much as we are.  They are fascinating to us...
I am so glad we started these daily twin fact posts.  I am loving all the twin knowledge we are gaining.  ENJOY!!!!!

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  1. I'm glad you do these posts too! They are fun. :)