Monday, January 23, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 36

Day Thirty-Six of Twinipedia: 

Fact #36

Baby Movement - 
I had never really thought that this part of pregnancy may or may not be effected by the amount of babies you carried during that time. I think if I would have had to guess, before knowing the medical answer, I would have thought that perhaps a mother pregnant with twins or multiples WOULD have felt the babies move sooner than moms of singletons. I would have thought that perhaps the fact that two babies would be moving at any given time would increase the chance of the mom-to-be feeling the movements sooner.  It seems that there would be more movement over more periods of time and perhaps even over longer periods of time since two people, not one, are moving in there, therefore increasing the chances of the mom "catching" that movement-feeling at an awake or quiet time in her day.
Medically though, this is not suppose to be the case...WebMD states...
"You don't feel the babies kicking any earlier with twin pregnancies.  Generally when you are pregnant with twins, fetal movements become more noticeable at weeks 18 through 20 of pregnancy, and the same is true in singleton pregnancies," Al-Khan says. When a woman begins to feel fetal movements actually depends on whether she has been pregnant before. "If you have been pregnant before, you know what fetal movement is, but if you are pregnant for the first time, you really can't distinguish the movement from gastrointestinal activity."

My Fabulous, informative source once again is WebMD.  Love the smart, factual and honest opinions and advice this site has to offer!

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