Wednesday, January 25, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 38

Day Thirty-Eight of Twinipedia: 

Fact #38

Now a days, with all the technology we have available to us, only about 3% of all twin pregnancies are undetected until birth. It is possible to have an ultrasound and not see the other baby, though rare.
As was the case for my sister and I, we were a "surprise" set of twins at birth for our parents.  The MD only detected one heartbeat and only felt one baby while our mom was pregnant because we were positioned on top of one another.  Plus Ultrasounds were very new then and rarely used in regular pregnancy evaluations so there were no U/S pictures to see if more then one of us was lurking inside - LOL.  We were quite the Birth-day surprise for our mom and dad!  And we were born on mother's day as well that year.  What a day that was for our mom. is a great source for all things about all things but I have found it to be a fantastic and informed source as well for Multiple Birth/Pregnancy Facts and information.  Check it out too today!


  1. I am always SHOCKED that this happens. I mean, I remember the day of my 8 week ultrasound when we found out- and you know- I had several months to get used to this idea. HOW did women react when having two babies?!?!?!?! I mean, your mom! WOW! Can you imagine not knowing??

  2. My mom actually passed out when they showed us to her...
    Although, my sister and I think that it is very likely that the nurses may have pumped her with some major pain meds and knocked her butt out so they could avoid a hysterical mother.