Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ETSY Product - Handmade Portrait Stamps by Lilimandrill

These Handmade, Portrait-Inspired Rubber Stamps are just amazing.  

The artistic quality of the pieces shown are amazing and I love the fun, whimsical look of the final product. They are just too creative and fun!  These would be great if you have twins or multiples. How cute would your little ones be immortalized at a certain age in this unique way. I am planning to order one for my girls. And maybe even one for the hubby and I.

These would also be fantastic to use on a wedding invitation, birthday invites, paper products, stationary, glassware, or anything else you want to put your stamp on. 

I just love this idea - 
  • Unique
  • Well made
  • So artistic
  • Such great detail to the images created
  • SO many uses
  • And what a fun conversation piece for sure

Check these great stamps out today on Etsy at the Lilimandrill Store -

Lilimandrill  by Lise Grossmann          

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