Thursday, January 19, 2012



I just found out that I won a video contest I entered!  I made a video where I was sharing my favorite Pantene hair product.  The contest was called "What's your Favorite Pantene Product" and was sponsored by Pantene and organized by

In my video, I talked about how much I loved a product that they Used to make.  It is discontinued now.  They said I could share a past product if I wanted to and I figured if maybe, just maybe, this made Pantene think twice about making my fav shampoo and conditioner again, I would give it a shot.  The shampoo and conditioner was  the BEST smelling shampoo ever.  I Loved loved loved it.  It was Blue shine or Ice shine or something like that.  It came in a yellow bottle with a gold top and I can still remember smelling it in my friends hair back in High School and just Having to ask her what her awesome smelling shampoo was.

I use their Color preserve products now which also smell good but man oh man did I love that yellow bottle back in the day.

So, I guess they liked what I had to say at Pantene and I won a day trip to NYC to get pampered and have my hair styled and fancied up.  They are paying for my travel and even meeting me with a car service at Penn Station once I get into the City so that I can head right to the salon.  WOOHOOO!  This mama of 3 is a happy girl.

Thanks Pantene for giving me this great day out and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this contest.

I will share lots of pictures when I get back Monday!


  1. CONGRATS!! Audrey told me today!!! I was a big slacker and didn't get my video in on time. =( So glad you WON though!!! Have fun!!!

  2. thanks guys excited to go and be in the big apple for a day. love it there