Friday, January 6, 2012

Twin Pregnancy and Taller, Bigger Women. What to wear to stay comfy and stylish.

Taller, Bigger woman are more likely to conceive Twins, 
(See our 365 Days of Twinipedia facts - Day 19 at to read why).  
The problem is a lot of maternity companies do no cater to this body type when designing their clothing lines for pregnant woman.  Women who fall into these categories often have to come up with their own ways to look good and feel comfortable while pregnant.

So what can a woman pregnant with multiples who is tall, and or bigger do to be comfy and still stylish while pregnant?

Anne Hashim from says there are many ways to stay stylish and comfy during these growing 9 to 10 months.

She suggests that taller, bigger women should "show off that baby bump with these fashion tips, rather than shrink away quietly to spend nine months wearing mumus and tent dresses"

And here is how she says to go for it:

  1. "Choose clothing that hugs your curves. You may be a little nervous about wearing form-fitting outfits during pregnancy, but fabrics that have some “give,” like spandex and lycra blends, will feel comfortable while also slimming your overall look. Contrary to popular belief, roomy tunics often serve to make you look larger than you really are, while tighter fabrics will give you that “sexy mama” vibe.
  2. Pair same-color tights with your dress. You know during pregnancy you’re more susceptible to developing varicose veins. Plus, with your growing body, your legs and butt may not look quite as taut as they did before. Tights can play double-duty, helping to prevent varicose veins while also covering up your legs if you’re feeling a little self-conscious. Choose a dark color tight or legging, or match your tight color to the color of the skirt you’re wearing.
  3. Draw the eye upward. Choose tops with interesting necklines, a different colored bodice or an asymmetrical detail, like a single-arm strap. You can also play with bold jewelry, opting for large earrings or broad necklaces that act as attention-grabbers. This will take the focus from your belly, placing it instead on your face.
  4. Do diagonals. Diagonal stripes or details that angle across your body will give you a naturally slimming look.
  5. You can’t go wrong with black. We all know that black is slimming, and that doesn’t change when you get pregnant. Choose black tops, dresses and skirts, and dress them up with fantastic shoes or jewelry for a classy and sexy look."
We say, "Great advice Anne."  

We know that when you are pregnant, especially with twins, that the experience can be overwhelming and so not "about you" but remember that looking good makes you mentally feel good.  When you take care of yourself on the outside, you feel better and are more likely to take better care of yourself on the inside(aka taking care of those twinnies inside you).  You are more likely to eat better and exercise more if you are not feeling negative and down on yourself.
So take care of you and how You look/feel while pregnant and your twins will reap the benefits.

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  1. thanks for the ideas. i am tall! i had trouble finding anything other than short jeggins and leggings. ha! cheers.