Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twins or Not? - You decide!

Twins are born five years apart...Press Association 

What do you think of this recently posted story I found on our friends, Pregnant.or.Parent.of.Twins 'Facebook Page  
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Seven-week old Floren Blake was born five years after her 
twin brother Reuben
A mother has spoken of her joy after giving birth to a much longed-for "twin" to her five-year-old son.

Reuben and Floren Blake were conceived from the same batch of embryos but were born five years apart after some embryos were frozen during fertility treatment.

Parents Simon, 45, and Jody, 38, had been trying to start a family without success and began treatment in 2005. Five embryos were created and two implanted in Mrs Blake, which resulted in the birth of Reuben on December 9, 2006.

The remaining three embryos were frozen until the couple, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, decided to try for another child last year...

SO ARE THEY TWINS?  We don't think so but what do you think?


  1. No. Definitely not. Twins gestate together. I suppose if they were identical, you could MAYBE argue that they were twins, since they would have the same DNA.

  2. We totally agree Johanna. The "gestating at the same time" piece is pretty important to the "twin" labelling. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. I found this pretty interesting.