Monday, February 13, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 57

Day Fifty-seven of Twinipedia:

Fact #57

The average weight of twins at term is about 5.5 lbs/baby.  So the average woman carrying twins will carry ~ 11 lbs. of baby during the her pregnancy and the average time frame of twin pregnancies is about 36 weeks, 3 days (averaged to 37 weeks by some MDs).  These pregnancies are not quite as long as a 40 week singleton pregnancy but I think these multiple carrying moms earns the right to a little shorter pregnancy after carrying two humans inside there at one time.
Twins around the 5.5lb mark here
Now twins this size would probably not be considered very premature.  They would probably be considered moderately premature Preemies since babies born between 35-37 weeks usually receive that label. 5.5 pound babies would probably be consider normal birth weight too when born since the low birth weight category starts when babies are >5.5 lbs.  These twinnies would just be over the cut-off for that label.  
Twins around the 5.5lb mark here
To find some more quick and fun facts about twins, go to the great website Mother of Twins @

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