Wednesday, February 15, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 59

Day Fifty-nine of Twinipedia:

Fact #59
Quarternary Marriage...What is this?  
  • Does it mean marriage that occurs in the 4th quarter of a year (October-December)?  
  • Is it a marriage that only lasts for 1/4 of a year, or 3 months?  
  • Are all the monetary presents these couples receive given in quarter coins?    
  • Or is it a marriage between 2 people who share 1 of their 4 parents?
Well, until today, your guess would have been as good as ours.  Actually, Quarternary Marriage is the term used when one set of twins marries a second set of twins.  This doesn't happen too often but it sure would make for interesting holidays.  Would relatives be able to tell these couples apart?  And how about the kids?  Who's mom and who's dad?  And wait, what is they have twins too.  This could make for an interesting life!

Check out this story of two sets of twins who are living this interesting life as we speak @

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  1. they operate twin stuff.. I thought each of them had had twins, but only one couple has..not that that isn't really cool, but the article is misleading..