Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twin Blogs - Get Your Daily Dose!

Check Out This Twin Blog

This is a great site for All Products related to multiples plus they give daily deals to families of Multiples; their way of showing multiple's families that they know it ain't cheap to get all the baby/kid goods for 2 kiddies or 3 or more...

Here is Additional Site Information from 

"As you browse our site, you will notice that has grown leaps and bounds since its launch. Today, we offer everything from clothing to nursery furniture, bedding, toys, carriers, and more!
And because our founder understands how expensive it is to be the parent of multiples, we offer great deals & discounts. So remember to enter the following coupon codes at checkout to receive your savings today:
Buy 2 or more cribs or nursery sets and receive 15% off both! Just enter redemption code TWINDEAL at checkout!
Buy 2 or more crib bedding sets (mix and match if you like) and receive 15% off both by entering BeddingDeal at checkout!
Blessed with triplets? No problem! Buy 3 or more cribs or nursery sets and receive 20% off! Just enter coupon code: TripletDeal


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