Monday, March 5, 2012

Twin Blogs - Get your Daily Dose

Check Out This Twin Blog

TalkAboutTwins by Christina Baglivi Tinglof
This site is great for twin pregnancy, twin information and answers to your questions about twins at all stages of life from toddler through school-age years.

She also shares fun facts about twins including topics moms of twins are talking about in the section titled, The Most Viewed Articles on Twins.  
Some of these include:
Twin Pregnancy Yoga
Do Your Twins Speak a Secret Language?
Are Your Twins Ready for Kindergarten?
When Twins Don’t Get Along
When Twins Differ in Abilities
How to Beat the High Cost of Raising Twins
Tips for Decorating a Twin Nursery
Getting Ready for Twins
Nurturing a Twin Bond
Thriving in a Multiple Pregnancy

There's lots of fun, helpful and informative information at TalkAboutTwins so check it out today!

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Talk About Twins: Where parents of twins come for answers

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