Monday, March 12, 2012

The Twin-Buzz: World News about Multiples | When it's not a happy ending

When it's not a happy ending
Coping with the loss of a multiple requires moving on, but never forgetting
By Sonia Mendes, Ottawa Citizen March 3, 2012  
Lynda Haddon is a multiple births educator and chair of the breastfeeding 
and loss support networks for Multiple Births Canada (MBC). She is also the mother of twin girls.  Photograph by: Pat McGrath, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Citizen

While the prospect of twins, triplets or quadruplets is exciting, it can also come with unique and complex health risks.

A loss can take the form of "vanishing twin syndrome" (the loss of one or more embryos before gestational week 12), twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (a random abnormality that causes one twin to receive less than normal amounts of blood supply during pregnancy while the other receives too much, possibly harming one or both), miscarriage

To Read more about how other parents of lost multiples cope and move forward, go to:

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