Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video - My twin Sister is HOME!!! Cathy and Becca chat together

From the Archives - Becca just got home from Germany yesterday.
We have talked about 6 times on the phone already and the conversations were pretty much the same as this one that occurred just about a year ago.  She still has the 2 kids with her, is still jet lagged and is still thrilled to be back in the USA.

Here is the write up and video of our 1st phone conversation at this time last year after Becca and her girls arrived home from Europe.  
I swear it could have been videoed just yesterday.

Becca and her girls are HOME!-
I wanted to say a BIG Welcome Home to my Twin sister Becca and my 2 nieces.  We are so excited that they are back in the U.S. for a visit and can not wait to get together in person with them in the next few days.  YEAH!!!  So that you could get to know us a little bit more as twins and can also have fun experience the giddy joy we feel when we can talk to each other whenever we want and without a time zone issue, we videoed our first "welcome home" phone conversation from yesterday for your viewing fun.  This video cracks me up and I love how our walls come totally down when we talk to eachother.  I love watching the comfort we feel talking while not being effected by background kid interruptions and silly disagreements.  Love that we have this to watch in the future too.
Enjoy and leaves us a comment it you want to share you thoughts about our Twin chat. 




  1. Sounds like an exciting get together. Thanks a lot for the visit. Hubby, daughter, and I are following your blog now.

  2. What a beautiful relationship you two have! I'm now following you from FMBT!

  3. LOVE this!! Thanks for stopping by on the Wild Weekend Hop! :) I am following along via GFC and Facebook!