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Guest Post by - Farewell to My Sister

WackyDads  (aka Cathy's husband)

Farewell To My "Sister"

I'll catch hell for posting this bathing suit picture
from my 
wife as well as Becca, but I don't care.
Wifey is left and 
My "Sis" is on the right.
It has been great having my sister-in-law back in country for the last few weeks. She is my wife's twin sister, and I have known them both since they were 12 years old. One of my fondest memories of Rebecca and I as childhood friends was our ongoing game of "Punch Buggy". Every time one of us saw a VW bug we would haul off and nail the others shoulder with everything we had. We both spent our summers with bruised shoulders, but we loved the game.
Rebecca's husband's work brings him to Germany full time, so they have moved there permanently with their 2 children for the next couple of years. This has been hard on my wife, who basically talks to Becca on a daily basis, if not hourly sometimes! Good thing we have the unlimited plan!
Last night my daughter Mia and I were the first ones to have to leave the family get together that we were having, and therefore were the first ones that Becca had to say goodbye to before she returns to Germany. For the first time in my life, as I hugged Rebecca and she sobbed, I really felt like I was saying goodbye to a blood sister, being that I'm an only child.
I reminisced on the ride home about just how long I really have known Rebecca, 29 years, and most of those years we have been active friends. I'm not always quick on the uptake, but I just realized yesterday how important all of Cathy's family have become to me. After 17 years of marriage they have all become great friends. I know many of their idiosyncrasies and they know most of mine! But to my "big sister" Becca, I will miss you dearly sister, you are one of my oldest friends, and one of my best friends. When Germany is done with you, we will be relieved to have you back with us. Have a safe trip, I love you.

Wacky Dad (AKA Eric)

Do you have siblings-in-law who have, over the years, become more like biological siblings to you?

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