Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Quotes

Some Quotes that sum up some of what we feel about being twins -

1. "People don't get it.  Our husbands don't get it.  Our children don't get it.  But they love it.  To them, being a twin is something uncanny."
2. "We've never had a point in our lives where we wish we hadn't been twins.  It has always been the two of us"
3. "The connection is something that nothing in the world could ever replace or even match"
4. "A twin is much closer than a best friend or a beloved spouse.  This other person is part of my heart."
5. "It is not the amount of physical time twins spend together that creates this twin bond...The bond begins at birth and continues during the course of a lifetime."
6. I believe the best part of being a twin is that you never really feel alone-even when you are apart."

CATHY says:  Quotes #5 and #6 really resound with me lately since Becca lives in Europe now with her husband and two little girls.  I miss them so much and recently visited her and had a wonderful 9 day catch up.  I felt totally at ease and at peace there (even when we were fighting, and we did fight -lol.) but although I do miss her and sometimes we aren't able to chat for a few days due to timezone issues and child/work commitment issues, that bond is still there.  Quotes #5 and #6 sum up this whole long-distance experience that we are going through.  The bond NEVER changes.  The physical connections may not be as often but the emotional ties are permanent and unchanging.  A part of twinness I love so much.

The Quotes are from sections of the book Twin Stories:  Their Mysterious and Unique Bond

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