Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twins, moms and life as we know it!

Yup!  This is us back in the day.  Hard to deny that twins next to
eachother  in a picture sure are cute!
And so it begins.  Our first post.
HI!  We are twin sisters, Cathy and Becca.  That's me, Cathy, there on the right looking a little bewildered.  And that is me, Becca, on the left, licking all that yummy toothpaste off of my toothbrush.  We are about 3 here.  Cute huh? (Oh and man would we kill for those natural highlights now in our older years).

A long  time ago, we came to realize that being twins was pretty cool and that we really find all things having to do with twin-ness pretty interesting.

In this blog, we plan to share some of our stories about being twins and our life experiences as mulitples.
We are also planning to share our parenting life with you. We are both moms of little ones.  They are certainly a huge part of our daily lives.  Since we are moms and twins, we thought that our parenting experience would be kind of unique compared to non-twin moms and thought it would be a novel blog topic to share with others (for example, when our kids where small babies, and were crying their heads off, we were each able to calm eachothers child down when no one else could - cool party trick LOL)

We also plan to write about, and sometimes review, some of the fabulous Twin products out their on the market today.  Especially the ones mom's of multiples say that they simpy can not live without.

We look forward to sharing who we are with you, why we think being a twin is such an amazing life experience (As we always say, the best thing that ever happened to us) and how we think it has made us who we are today, both as sisters, wives, mothers, friends, employees, daughters, aunts...

Lastly, feel free to post questions/comments in the "comment section" on this site about all things "twin" related (ie. advice on raising twins, questions to us about what it is like to be a twin, your thoughts on twin moms and raising kids, your thoughts on dressing twins alike or not, whether twins should be placed in the same clasroom vs differents ones, twins sharing a bedroom or not, twins and friendship, Twins going through puberty, twins and boyfriends/girlfriends, supporting twins strenghths and weaknesses, finding twin's own individuality and voice...)
We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

Cathy and Becca

*Some ideas we will be working on for future posts...
  • Fraternal and Identical Twins 101
  • You say you are fraternal twins, but you look so alike.  Are you sure you're fraternal?  
  • Have you ever gotten a DNA test to prove that you are not identical twins? Why? Why not?
  • Mom's of Twins - Favorite car seats  you can't live without.
  • Mom's of twins- Favorite Twin pregnancy resources on line.
  • ....


  1. Great idea, ladies! As of mom of boy/girl twins myself, I love to hear about the special relationship that twins share. Look forward to future posts!

    Dawn Gendreau Noel

  2. Thanks Dawn - Glad you like the idea and hope the blog is helpful to you and your little ones and also is a fun read.
    Might be bending your ear in the future for post information/content. The boy/girl twin thing is more foreign to us Take Care!
    Cathy and Becca

  3. Nice blog topic. Looking forward to seeing what you ladies come up with!