Thursday, August 4, 2011

A mom blogger's 1st video..."Test, Test, Test! This is only a Test" The truth behind my "how do I look" process

(This is what happens for a daily blog post when your twin sister is too busy packing for vacation to Post on HER day :):):)

Did you do this crazy "testing" the 1st time you planned to do some video blogging (called Vlogging I guess)..Come on, be honest with me.  Don't make me feel like I am the only weird, paranoid, and vain blogger out there. LOL :):):)

Disclosure Picture: added for the sake of my Ego...
"I do clean-up okay once I get past the early morning "slapped by
the uggly stick" look (LOL)! And look at that noodle-nut behind me :):)


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  2. You are a lunatic!!!

  3. Oh I am feelin' the love
    And you already knew that about me!

  4. I am cracking thee heck up! U are hilarious!! Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday! Following you now and excited to read more! Isn't it funny, putting yourrself on video...I always say how different I sound and then my friends say, no...that's what u sound like. But u know, we hear ourselves differently. I loved the gopher faces...I make funny faces just gotta! :) and you look beautiful! And your hair looks smooth and clean!! It looks far from bad. Can't wait to read more!
    Have a great hump day!
    Maria :)

  5. I agree Maria. I think eventhough we think we don't lookand sound that way, WE DO! lol