Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The history of Wordless Wednesday, as I understand it.

I just googled Wordless Wednesday.  Why?  Well, I am new to blogging and I was a little aware of this trend through my husband's website Wackydads but I didn't really totally understand it.  I knew it had something to do with pictures but was not sure how it worked.  Were you suppose to write about the picture in your blog?  Were you suppose to just leave it un-captioned like the title suggested and let others interpret it? Was it suppose to be just a simple caption???
I trolled around a little on line at one point and saw that many people did it many different ways. So the researcher in me decided to go on line to try to find the history of Wordless Wednesday.  
I found lots of history on the trend but the comment that best defined it for me was on

What is the point of Wordless Wednesday? Twitter users that are also bloggers take a content-rich picture and then post it on their blog, not specifying any description or caption, but leaving the picture to tell the story in substitute of the description. This new concept from bloggers gives the phrase of “a picture is worth a thousand words” a lot of emphasis.

This historical explanation seemed to make the most sense to me since it seemed to best explain the trend's title, "wordless".  I also have to admit that I liked this definition the most because it meant I just had to post a thought provoking, content rich picture on my blog each Wednesday and then just enjoy perusing other bloggers pictures throughout the day.  (Looks like Wednesday is gonna become my new favorite blogging day-LOL)

So, in following along with the true, original intent of Wordless Wednesday, here is my first picture, un-captioned and ready for you to interpret on your own...ENJOY and please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you thought.

Wordless Wednesday 8/3/11:


  1. I love that picture! it look yummy! did that little person ever get through that big dessert? =D

  2. If there is one thing about my dear wife Cathy is that she is never wordless. Thus all of the words this Wednesday!

  3. Lissa - yes, she is a cutie and yes she finished 3/4 of that thing...impressive eater!