Friday, October 7, 2011

An Adult Twin's Perpective on being Fraternal vs. Identical Twins, and GeneticTesting.

So I was checking out some of my favorite Twin blogs this morning and came across lots of interesting posts.
One post that I read and found interesting touched upon genetic testing.  The author is a mother of twins and was planning to get her twin boys genetically tested to see how similar their genetic markers are.  She was also planning to test their younger sibling as well to see how his genetics compared to his twin, fraternal siblings.
This got me thinking again about whether Becca and I should ever consider genetic testing in order to see how similar we are genetically.  Plus, it could also confirm or disprove our status as fraternal twins which we sometimes question and often wonder about. 
So here's what I think of all this...


  1. Hey,
    My girls have never been tested or will. I personally don't care! They are each their own person. My girls have same blood type and same eye and hair color. Their pedi wanted them to get test but it really does not matter to me. We had 2 sacs but one placenta not sure if it was two placenta at one point or always one. Who knows!! But to each there own.

  2. We're not going to get our twin girls (4yrs old now)tested. They're fraternal twins, but it's pretty clear which side of the gene pool they've been swimming in :)

    Halle's got curly hair, thin bones, and on the tall side. She's a night-owl with a bit of a temper. Definitely my side of the pool.

    Zanna's got straight hair, very passive, sleeps like a rock, thick-boned, and noticably shorter than her twin. My husband's side, for sure!

    In any case, they're both equally wonderful and we love them like crazy! :)

  3. @Edelis _ agree. We also have the same blood type A- and hair color, eye color...but at this point I just like not knowing and I am glad you are letting your girls make that decision at some point if they choose rather than find out now. I think they will appreciate that.
    @Lara - they sound like my nieces. One is big boned, blond, blue eys and has a easy going silly personality. the other is petite, dark bron curly hair and is a spitfire personality. Knows what she wants and goes for it and don't mess with her LOL. I call them Salt and Peppa' and sing them the 80's song by that name all the time. LOVE THEM TO DEATH. and yes, my sister, the non-twin had them so the non-twin had twins...too funny how!

  4. Yes I want to get my girls test. I have the swabs ready to go and thought I would do it for their 2nd birthday in Dec. My sisters are identical so it would be fun if they were but also interesting if they were not.

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