Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Twins are livin' large and takin' names in the process (and takin' everyone to the bank in the process)

The Olsen Twins, fashion moguls, are selling a $39K Backpack - And they can't keep it in stock.

We love supporting and sharing good news about other Twin-tastic peeps in the world but this just seems too crazy to us.  
1st crazy: that these fashionistas would even think to make a bag this expensive.
2nd crazy: that people would actually buy it.  Sheesh, the customers are practically tripping over each other to get one of these bad boys.  
Don't get us wrong, this bag is gorgeous.  But $39,000? Woowzer.  And we're wondering where all the animal rights people are.  We would think they'd be standing naked in front of the Twin's design center by now, insisting that we all boycott the company and then calling for the company to stop killing innocent alligators for their backpack production.  
The pack, which is part of the twins' luxury fashion line, The Row, launched in Paris on September 30 as part of a larger handbag collection.

So we want to know, if you had it, would you be willing to spend $39,000 for an alligator backpack in order to be an ultra-fashionista-goddess?

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