Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Knot Like No Other!

Yes, we are twins, and yes we love fashion but our personal styles differ at times.  But one thing we agree on as twin sister is that a good scarf can "make" an outfit, just like a good pair of shoes can do the same.  We are big-time scarf wearers.  Becca wears them mostly to dress an outfit up or to make an old outfit look new while I wear them pretty much every day.  Really!  Every day!  I am a bit obsessed.  (Plus, I have a huge neck so scarfs are an amazing "Big Neck hidder", LOL.
I wear them in all seasons and love changing how I knot them to change the look of the outfit and the look of the scarf.  

Some times a bulkier scarf can be reigned in and worn more elegantly with certain knots like a herring-bone style while a thinner, more casual knot can be fancified (yes, that is a word :):) with a Bow-knot or a French-knot.  

Scarfs are my big-time go to style accessory.  Becca and I can't get enough of them (although I am definitely the more scarf-obsessed) 

I have found some beautiful scarves on Pinterest recently and also discovered that this site is a great resource for new and unique scarf knots and has great images and video tutorials on how to actually create the unique knotting styles.

Here are some great photos I found for helping you make all different kinds of scarf knots. 

Plus an informative, fun video by Coldwater Creek that shows you a bunch of ways to knot a scarf to accessorize any outfit.  

Have fun checking out all these unique scarf knotting techniques and Happy Knotting! 

How to Knot Tying video by Coldwater Creek


  1. I so love wearing scarfs too! They really make a difference in an outfit. Thanks for sharing the knots and photos :)

    Best holiday wishes from

  2. Glad you liked these. I thought they were very helpful and fun and the cut out scarf is gorgeous!!!! Happy holidays to u too