Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stop Copying Me Twin T-Shirts

Stop Copying Me T's

This cracked me up.  I mean, LOL cracked me up.  And my 8 year old was laughing while check them out too over my shoulder.  
How cute would your twins look in these T's?  WAY CUTE!!!

*Product Information from Trend in Twos website:

This statement couldn't be more fitting for a set of twins!  Fun for pictures or to give as a gift.  You'll definitely get some laughs out of our "Stop Copying Me" onesies and t-shirts!  Printed in neutral yellow with gray lettering.  Perfect for any gender of twins.  Get these prints on infant, toddler, or youth sizes.  Sold separately.
ITEM# 425
Sizing / Product Info 
Our Price:  $8.99  
* Order Separately For Proper Sizing & Print For Each Twin

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