Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 39

Day Thirty-Nine of Twinipedia: 

Fact #39
So are you pregnant? 
Wondering if you are having Twins or Multiples?
Lots of women do especially if multiples run in their family or if they are measuring especially big or gaining weight very quickly.

We did a little research to find some information about how a woman can assess if she is having multiples while pregnant.

We found a great article at Twins and Multiples that shares 10 signs and evaluation options that can help moms-to-be figure out if they are carrying multiples.

The 10 signs and evaluation options that the author discusses are:

1. Ultrasound Confirmation
2. Doppler Heartbeat Count
3. Elevated HcG Levels
4. Abnormal AFP Test Results
5. Measuring Large for Gestational Age
6. Weight Gain
7. Excessive Morning Sickness
8. Early/Frequent Fetal Movement

9. Extreme Fatigue
10. History/Hunches

This article titled Is It Twins? 10 Signs That You're Having Twins or Multiples Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy shares some really great descriptions about each symptom and evaluation option.  To read more details about each sign or symptom, go to Pamela Prindle Fierro's well written and informative article at Guide 

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