Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

This is priceless!

Becca and I Skyped today and we had the kids in and out of the video conversation. Our typical Skype scenario goes like this...We get to talk for about 1/2 a minute and then the rest of the time, the kids scream into the cameras and laugh at one another, dancing around, showing each other dolls and art work from school and acting like little lunatics. Needless to say we get very little quality talking time in but the kids do Love seeing each other on the computer screen. It's truly like they are in the next room instead of across the ocean. And it keeps everyone so well connected. We love it.

But lets get to today's "priceless" story.  While on the phone with Becca, her oldest daughter Amelia who is 6 years old had to go to the bathroom (at least this time she didn't take the Ipad with her which she has been known to do in the past in order to continue her conversation with us while she uses the "Oval Office").  While Becca and I continued to talk around the craziness of Mia and Cecilia, we hear yelling from Amelie in the background.  She announces for all to hear, and I quote, "Mommmmmy, I have Gonorrhea".  My eyes bugged out.  I yelled to Becca through the web cam, "Wait!  What did she just say?"  Becca, a bit shocked by this statement, and knowing her children so well, quickly yells back to Amelia..."You mean Diarrhea honey, not Gonorrhea."  I cracked up, I mean snorting and cackling cracked up.  I was laughing so hard that the video quality even got messed up with Skype.  

I mean, come on, you can't make this stuff up.  Priceless indeed.  

I miss those crazy nieces of mine and hope we get to see them in person soon, soon, soon.

Well, I am off to deal with my own 3 year old in the bathroom now since she still demands a good wipe from the mama when she goes #2.  Hopefully it isn't "Gonorrhea" - LOL!

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