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365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 42

Day Forty-Two of Twinipedia: 

Fact #42
Twins, while In Utero, can be seen in many different positions throughout their development.  This can be seen via a regular ultra sound or a 3D ultra sound.  Knowing the position of the twins is most important toward the end of the pregnancy.  This is because birth options are typically determined by how the baby's bodies are aligned in the mother's body.  Whether the twins are feet down or head down can determine if the mother can give birth vaginally or if she must have a Cesarean Section. talked to some Md's about twin positioning and birthing options.  The writers learned that "the position of the babies will largely determine how the twins are born - vaginally or by cesarean. They also learned that about 40% of twins are both head down (vertex) at term, while another approximately 30% see the first baby (Twin A) vertex and Twin B breech. Both of these positions are acceptable to consider a vaginal birth.

Locked Twins presentation
Other positions of the babies like two breeches, two transverse (babies bodies are perpendicular to the mother's spine, feet toward one side of the mother, heads towards the other) or Twin A breech and Twin B vertex are usually delivered via cesarean surgery."  This last scenario can cause a presentation at birth called locked twins (see image) which can cause serious issues for both babies if it occurs thus why most Md's will choose a c-section for the birth plan. 

"The position and birth plan is usually known ahead of time with ultrasound technology. However, even twins can change positions late in the game and even into labor. This is particularly true of Twin B after the birth of Twin A."

So if you want a vaginal birth and are having twins, seems like you might want to start chatting with those twinnies of yours early on while they are developing, telling them how you would like them to get comfy in there together with their heads down.  Let your Twin A know too that letting Twin B get upside-down first while not doing the same himself could make for a tougher labor-time for mama.  Gotta assert some parental influence and rules as early as possible :):):):) LOL

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