Monday, January 30, 2012

Flower, cloth beanbag-like (aka Pouf) chair/ table/ blanket...GORGEOUS! From Etsy

I just Had to share.  These floral, handmade, cloth beanbag-like seats/tables (that are referred to as Poufs) along with the matching blankets are just so, so unique, chic and fun.  

The Poufs and blankets would be great for a photo-shoot, a baby's nursery or kid's play room, a t.v. room for lounging or using as an ottoman and the Pouf could even be used as a beautiful accent table in a living room.  It would surely be a conversation piece and would add beautiful color and whimsy in any room.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!  

Here is the creator, Hailey's description of these fun "Poufs" from her Etsy page...

...Flattened rose pouf! Which just happens to be my most popular!!...great as a decorative piece, a photography prop (as shown above) an ottoman or even a coffee table if you put a tray on top. I LOVE this piece and hope you do too!!! 
Lewiston, Idaho,  United States       

Just so pretty and you can see they are made so beautifully and with great love and care.
I think the solid cream one is amazing and the vibrant blue just pops with elegance and fun!  And this blanket...Oh how I wish it had been around when I had been decorating my 3 girls' nurseries!

These items sell for about $260-275, are hand-made in the USA and are just such a gorgeous investment for your home that you can enjoy for years to come!

So check these "Poufs" out today at    on Etsy: 



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