Monday, March 19, 2012

TWINS: 365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 92

Day Ninety-two of Twinipedia:

Fact #92
Some scientists previously believed that there is a twin gene. But what has been shown through much research, is that there really isn't a twin gene (but then they go on to say that there sort of, kinda is one too...) 
Huh, is right! shares that "It may be hard to believe, but there is, in fact, no actual gene for monozygotic, a.k.a., identical‚ twins." They then go on to say that the main factors for twins are random chance and in-vitro fertilization. 
But they then go on to share that even though there is no scientific evidence of any genetic predisposition for having identical twins... if you thought twins ran in the family, then you'd also be right. Twins do run in families... fraternal twins, that is.

Also, check out the fun video at that answers some additional information about twins, the "twin-gene" theory and chances of having twins - 

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