Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWINS: 365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 93

Day Ninety-three of Twinipedia Facts

Fact 93 -
Who knew?
Twins can have different gestational ages.
Fraternal twins that is.  
What can happen is that the two eggs that are fertilized can actually be released at different times during ovulation.  They can be released days or even weeks apart and when this happens, the eggs can be fertilized at different parts of that cycle.  And therefore the Fraternal twins can actually be conceived at different times, creating different gestational ages at birth.
So I guess a twin born first may actually be younger gestationally-speaking then the twin born second.  So now twins can be the oldest by birth and the youngest by conception date.
I am the younger of me and my twin by birth by one minute but this has got me thinking.  I could be older gestation age-wise.  My youngest-in-the-family status might be up for grabs  Too bad there is no test to prove this but it sure would be interesting to know.  

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