Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TWINS: 365 days of Twinipedia - Day 100

Day ONE HUNDRED of Twinipedia Facts
Fact #100
What do parents of twins that look soooooo alike at birth do to make sure they are able to distinguish between the two babes.
Some ideas we have heard that seem like smart ways to keep their individual identities clear and safe are:

  • Place nail polish on their hand or toe nails so that you know baby A is one color and baby B is the other color (don't mix that info. up though either - LOL)
  • Place some sort of of mark on the hospital bracelet with indelible marker. IE. the first initial of the babies names, a star and a heart, two different colored marker markings...
  • Place different colored or designed socks on each baby so that their cute feeties will let you know who is who.

It may seem strange to some parents of twins that any new moms and dad could ever confuse their babes since it comes so easy to them.  Know though that some twins are just so so alike physically, and also some parents are just so tired and not themselves after the laboring process that this distinguishing between the babies doesn't always come as easy to everyone.

Hopefully these ideas help those moms and dads who have trouble telling their twinnies apart feel a little more confident that who they ARE cuddling with the little in they think they are.

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