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TWINS: 365 days of Twinipedia - Day 99 | Cute Fictional Books about Twins

Day Ninety-nine of Twinipedia Facts

Fact #99
Here are a few Cute Fictional-Reads about Twins we wanted to share today - 

Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins [Hardcover]
J. Patrick Lewis (Author), Jane Yolen (Author), Sophie Blackall (Illustrator) 

Amazon book description - 

Know some twins, or expecting to? This twinspired collection pairs poems and pictures in a lighthearted salute to the many twins among us.
Old twins, new twins, famous twins, not-at-all-alike twins, side-byside twins, let's play twins, not-yet twins, mirror twins - all kinds of twins! - come together in a collection of original poems by two of our most celebrated authors for young people: J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen. From a wave and a wink to a twin switcheroo, from a rocket to the moon to the old woman who lived in a shoe, these poems and mini facts, whimsically illustrated by Sophie Blackall, will leave even singletons with a twinkle in their eyes. Here is the perfect book to share with the twins in your life - and everyone who loves them.
Price: $11.61
Twin Brothers [Paperback]
Stephanie Heider (Author)  

Amazon book description -  

Follow Twin Brothers on an exciting journey as they discover all the antics they can accomplish together and the security of the comraderie they share. Mothers cabinet door locks and things far out of reach are no match for this dynamic duo! Author Stephanie Heider reminds readers of all ages that life is better with a friend by your side and proves that twins arent multiplied mischief but a precious, treasured pair.
Price - $7.99
The Land of Long Ago [Hardcover]
Elsa Beskow (Author)

Amazon book description -   

Kelly and Kai love to play on the gnarled old tree trunk outside their cottage in the woods: sometimes it becomes a horse, sometimes a crocodile and sometimes even a dragon. One day a mischievous gnome makes the tree trunk come to life, and the children are whisked off to the Land of Long Ago on the back of the old tree dragon. On their incredible journey Kelly and Kai meet a princess, rescue a knight and trick the king of the trolls. But will the old tree dragon stay alive long enough to bring them home again? A delightful fairy tale from Elsa Beskow, with beautiful illustrations in her unique, classic style.
Price: $12.21

Twin to Twin [Hardcover]
Margaret O'Hair (Author), Thierry Courtin (Illustrator)

Amazon book description -    

Double born.  Twice the blessing.  Double kids.  Twice the messing.
Twins mean double the kisses and double the fun. It's double the joy for everyone!
Price: $11.55

Two is for Twins [Board Book]
Wendy Cheyette Lewison (Author), Hiroe Nakata (Illustrator)

Amazon book description -

What makes two? All sorts of things. A bicycle's wheels. A bluebird's wings. And twins, as you can plainly see, Are just as two as two can be.This brightly illustrated board book is a buoyant, bouncy ode to the joys of twindom. Perfect for children who are twins, and just as perfect for children who aren't!  
Price - $6.99
Hello Twins [Paperback]
Charlotte Voake (author)

Amazon book description -

"Voake’s sibling homage reminds us that family harmony can happen even when the children sing separate songs." — THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

Charlotte and Simon are twins, but they couldn’t be more different. Charlotte likes to build things, and Simon likes to knock things down. Simon likes to draw shapes over and over, and Charlotte likes to copy the numbers on the clock. And they don’t even look much alike! But whether upside down or right side up, these two like each other just the way they are. Here is an acclaimed tale about twins that doubles as an ode to individuality — and a celebration of sibling bonds. 

Price - $6.99

Just Like Me (Revised Edition) [Paperback]

Barbara J. Neasi (author)

Amazon book description -

I always wanted to be a twin like Julie and Jennifer. It teaches that children can be alike and different because that's what makes them unique. Although it is a little bit repetitive, with every page ending, "Just like me," or "Not like me," it emphasizes the point that no two people are exactly alike, but everyone has some things in common. 

Price - $4.95

Little Miss Twins (Mr. Men and Little Miss) [Paperback]

Roger Hargreaves (Author, Illustrator) 

Amazon book description -

Travel to Twoland where two friends can be double the fun fun!! 

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