Friday, March 23, 2012

TWINS: 365 Days of Twinipedia - Day 96

Day Ninety-six of Twinipedia Facts

Fact #96
Multiples are often Preterm Births which means they are born prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy.  

In 2007, it was estimated that preterm births in twins rose to 60.4%. This compares to 11.1% for single birth babies that same year.
These twins are more likely to be born small and have preterm birth complications like underdeveloped lungs, infection susceptibility, feeding issues, anemia, immature digestive systems, inability to maintain body heat, developmental delays and more.  Luckily the medical world has been able to deal with many of these preterm issues through medicinal interventions and technological devices and systems that help these babies to survive.
Other types of multiples are also more likely to be born preterm...Here are some interesting statistics found at
  • Less than 40% of twins were born at 37 weeks or later.
  • More than 12% were born prior to 32 weeks gestation.
  • 36.33% of triplets were born prior to 32 weeks.
  • About 80% of quads and higher were born befoer 32 weeks.

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